Best Budget Buys: Gaming Laptop Under $500 2017

Best Budget Purchases: laptop under $500

The very top of the line gaming laptops could cost you $2,000 to $3,000.

(Which is an excessive cost for most gamers.)

But the great news is that if you are prepared to contemplate merely a slightly lower performance in-game graphics, you can buy a great gaming Laptop that will accommodate your finding laptop under $500.

1.Dell 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop – Editor’s Option.

best gaming laptops



The first Laptop on our list is a gaming laptop designed by Dell. It’s truly a portion of the Inspiron 15 700 collections, this means that it had been intended for optimal mid tier gaming and performance. It’s only a little less than six pounds, but it isn’t supposed to be lugged around on your own back since it’s designed for gaming and best under laptop under $500.

It’s a 15.6- inch display with a decent resolution of 1920 x 1080. Then it will still be a great choice if you are not looking for 4K, although it doesn’t offer the very best resolution available. The screen settings may also be corrected to work, gaming, or movie mode to help reduce eye fatigue.

The laptop also runs having a sixth generation Intel i5-6300HQ 2.3 GHz Quad Core as well as 8 GB of RAM to make sure that this machine has the highest performance level possible. In fact, this chip helps to ensure that the laptop remains nice and cool, even after several hours of use.

Overview – laptop under $500

This laptop is really priced at over laptop under $500, but if you are not working on a tight budget, this version is a terrific option. It is Amazon’s Option and it is also the highest performing laptop on this list. It satisfies a lot of the requirements set forth by mid ranged game developers, if you’re a casual gamer, that is ideal for you.


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2. Acer Aspire E5-575G-53VG Laptop – 2nd Best gaming laptop under $500

best gaming laptops 2017


It’s a semi- though in the event you intend traveling together with the Laptop, there are lighter options that are simpler to transport, lightweight device that only weighs only a little more than five pounds.

The screen is a total 15.6 inches, which makes it perfect for gaming, and it has a 1080p resolution that looks sharp, but the colors look to be a bit off with this model. It may also adapt video streaming so that when you want to catch a replay of your stadium match, you are able to merely replay it.


As a gaming laptop, the Acer Aspire E5 is a purchase investment well worth making. It has got an ideal combination of hardware to provide you with a laptop that is great for both gaming and work, although it does cost slightly more than $500. In spite of the computer keyboard being shallow, you are able to observe just how attractive this laptop is for a casual gamer.


3. DELL Inspiron 14 5000 Gaming Laptop under $500

best gaming laptops 2017

To put it simply, the aesthetic design of this laptop is very good. Moreover, this version is also simple and lightweight to transport in a bag to LAN parties where you’ll need to take your gaming device.

The screen is just 14 inches, which is on the smaller end to get a gaming laptop, but it is satisfactory for most games, and it is easier to carry. It’s also a touch screen device, therefore it is better to select items in your game menu or in your inventory in the game. Furthermore, the keyboard is backlit so which you can certainly play in the dark, and it is also spill resistant for anyone gamers who like to snack during those long gaming sessions.

This laptop features quite a powerful pair of hardware. Insofar as images, the NVIDIA GeForce 920M provides an amazing graphical display to you.


This thin and lightweight laptop is ideal for day-to-day use and both gaming. It doesn’t have the right layout; in fact, the display quality can actually be quite annoying in certain lighting because of the glare it can create, but should you be in the right lighting, then you will find that it’s a terrific laptop to get in, particularly when you think about the hardware.


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4. ASUS X555DA-WS11 15.6-inch Laptop under $500

best gaming laptops under 500$

Studying the aesthetic layout of the following laptop on our list, which is the ASUS X555DA-WS11, it can be hard to tell it is a strong device that is up to playing high-end games without any slow down. The screen of this apparatus is 15.6 inches, which is perfect for a gaming laptop, and it’s a superior High Definition resolution that’s accommodated by the backlighting in the display.

The chip in this device is the AMD Quad Core A10-8700P, which is able to stand up to any challenge that you throw at it. So that you won’t ever experience any lag during fights that are exceptionally demanding, it comes with a full 8 GB of RAM. Games like Witcher III run flawlessly.

This laptop is sold with a 1 TB hard drive that provides you with tons of space to store your games and your files. There is no SSD, yet this size of an HDD is enough for most. There’s a disc drive for games, and that means you Won’t need to download every game that you simply play directly from their website. There is also a webcam to use for video chatting, but sadly, it is not HD quality.


The ASUS X555DA-WS11 is a gaming alternative that is great, especially if you play games which can be relatively casual. The graphics which can be provided via this apparatus, RAM, and also the chip are great for this particular price point. There aren’t a lot of surplus bells plus whistles, but nevertheless, it’ll prevent you in your budget. The single thing which may be an issue is the battery; it doesn’t last that long, so LAN parties could possibly be hard.


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5. Lenovo Premium Built High Performance 15.6 inch HD Laptop

best gaming laptops 2017

Lenovo’s high performance 15.6 inch HD laptop is a fantastic alternative for casual and mid-grade gamers to make use of. The screen is designed with a completely backlit display that’ll make gaming at nighttime more convenient.

It’s an AMD chip that is powerful enough to multitask as you are gaming. It can easily play back clips that you just record and lag will not be an issue that you need to worry about. In addition, it has a full 8 GB of RAM to help boost the operation of the Laptop

It has a small, lightweight design which makes it easy to carry, which can be great for gaming in a pal’s house. The one issue with the laptop is that the battery life does not continue as well as it should for gaming.


This laptop is a superb alternative for most games out there. It may lag a little with a few of the high-end offerings, but in the event that you lower the in-game settings slightly, the laptop will soon be able to take care of the graphics without an issue. When these high-end games are played, the laptop does run somewhat hot, so make sure to own an alternate cooling process readily available. As long as the device stays plugged in, it is perfectly adequate for gaming.


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