5 Best LastPass Alternatives for Windows to manage your passwords

LastPass Alternatives – Password security is a major issue when it comes to data encryption and protection. In this fast-paced world, information is an essential variable, and its safety is vital. Use of password encryption software is on the boom, even in the corporate domain. And since technology has risen to a whole new level, people have a password for everything; their phones, their social media accounts, their e-mail id, etc.

Why you need LastPass Alternatives?

For data protection of this range, multiple passwords are required to eradicate redundancies. The problem arises in memorizing all these passwords and recalling them when needed. It is due to this problem that security solutions like LastPass exist.

Best LastPass Alternatives in 2018

Password management softwares are expected to have high-end encryption algorithms, along with features which make the experience user-friendly. LastPass is one software among many other which provide that level of service. Other softwares in the list include:


One of the best alternatives for LastPass, KeePass is an open-source password encryption software designed to meet with every need of the user. Released in 2003, it is a light-weight cross-platform utility written in C#. One of the best feature of this software is that it stores all usernames, passwords and attachments on a local file system instead of a cloud storage. It is essentially supported on Microsoft Windows, but can also be run on other platforms by using Common Language Runtime applications such as Mono. KeePass uses AES and Twofish symmetric encryption systems, along with multi-user i/o compatibility.


Acclaimed to be “World’s best password manager and secure digital wallet”, Dashlane is a company which provides a wide array of services, including, but not limited to, password manager utility, data security, high-end AES encryption and a personal digital wallet. The software is extremely user-friendly with easy access to all approved devices. Released recently in 2012 on a freemium business plan, this also cracked the online payments market by its digital wallet, which can store all your credit cards, bank account information and other personal identification.


Like any other password encryption utility, this also has multiple features to offer. 1Password is tailormade to fit the needs of the layman., with its key operation being amalgamation and encryption of all your passwords, bank account numbers, alarm codes, fingerprint, pin code, all in one spot, with a master password only known to you, hence the name. It also provides a classic browser plugin for all browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. as well. With an AES-256 encryption and integrated tools like Security Audit, 1Password provides for a fast an amazing encryption tool. 1Password also comes with a Family account that has multiple and shared vaults to avoid data redundancy.

Sticky Password

In case the results above were unsatisfactory, Sticky password is another well-known password manager for fast and reliable use. It, too, uses a master password concept, along with an AES-256 security and both local and cloud storages which can be easily synchronized. Their key feature is their biometric security algorithm which is interlinked with a Two-Factor Authentication protocol, which enables you to enter an additional random security code every time the data is decrypted.


In 1999, Siber Systems Inc. came up with their own version of the password manager. Covering all the basic requirements of the user, this software is light, user-friendly and efficient. It manages your passwords and stores them in a localized storage, auto-fills registration forms with a single tap and provides portability using RoboForm2Go utility. It can synchronize with all kinds of mobile platforms and browsers. RoboForm has been anointed with the PC Magazine Editor’s Choice award and also has been coined as the ‘Software of the year’ by CNET.

Final Words on Best LastPass Alternatives

While all these utilities have almost the same specifications, only the user can decide which interface is perfect for them. Someone working in a corporate company might need added security while a simple PC user might only need an easy working environment or a developer might require a more open or complex interface. At the end, it is all about the comfort level of the people who utilize the software. And always remember, prevention is better than the cure. Hope you all found the Best LastPass alternative for Windows!

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