FmWhatsApp v7.70 is finally available now. WhatsApp the world’s largest messaging service has grown a lot and has been used on almost every smartphone whether it be Android or iOS which are also the world’s top smartphone operating systems. WhatsApp being so popular also has excellent developer support which new version rolling out every week. And not only official developer support is present behind the leading messaging service, but also there’re various versions of WhatsApp created by third-party or independent developers which offer a lot of features which you won’t find in the official version of WhatsApp and these are known as WhatsApp mods. There’re a bunch of WhatsApp mods already available and among them, FM WhatsApp Mod offers the most number of features which makes life really easy and gives you full control over your WhatsApp.

Features of FMWhatsApp

  • Hide Last Seen/Online status/Blue-ticks/Single-ticks
  • Hide the Typing hint
  • Customize the look with tons of free Themes
  • Customize the WhatsApp icon and
  • Set who can call you
  • Ability to Send Long Videos up to 1GB in size
  • Bigger and Better version of Emojis
  • Ability to use multiple WhatsApp accounts
  • Anti-Delete messages
  • In-Built Call Blocker
  • Support for 250+ characters in your Status
  • Newly design Voice and Video calling user interface
  • Set different password for each contact

Customization is a big deal in FMWhatsApp which offers you by getting themes for your WhatsApp from the theme store featuring 100+ themes styles. And it doesn’t stop there, it also allows you to even change the style of blue ticks, message bubble styles, as well as the whole texting panel, can be customized to your taste.

FmWhatsApp Anti-Delete Update

The Anti-delete message feature offers you the ability to see the messages which were immediately deleted by the sender after they were sent to you and this functionality now comes in-built with FMWhatsApp and doesn’t require to install any other third-party app like WhatsRemove.

Better Privacy with FMWhatsApp

FMWhatsApp can also hide your name from the Viewed Status list, so you can now anonymously watch anyone’s status without being the list of people who viewed others status. Not only you can now hide & freeze your online status but also hide the typing and recording hints which are given by regular WhatsApp to let the receiver know that you’re typing a message or whether recording one.

Checking for the newest version of FMWhatsApp has now also been made simple by the developers of the app, by implementing an inbuilt updater within the app, which notifies you whenever a new version of FMWhatsApp is available for Download.

Speaking about notifications, you can also change the look of the notification pop-up icon, which further adds to the overall customization abilities of FMWhatsApp which are better than GBWhatsApp. Moreover, multiple WhatsApp accounts are also supported here similar to what we have seen in GBWhatsApp, plus the message scheduling option is now also been added to our app.

Furthermore, FMWhatsApp also sports the capability to send bulk group messages to more than 500 people at once, which is a marketer’s dream, if you’re one of them. Other nifty little utilities have also been added, for instance, set the DP without cropping, copy anybody’s status with one tap, a new set of Filters while sending photos.

Download FM WhatsApp APK

With all these cool features which the official WhatsApp will never provide can only be experienced on the Latest FMWhatsApp which is currently the best and featured pack WhatsApp mod ever created. Also, it is safe to Download it as it doesn’t feature any backdoor or trojan which could cause any damage. FMWhatsApp is completely safe to Download and use.

Download FMWhatsApp V7.70 APK

The download link for the newest version of FMWhatsApp is given below, just download it from there and install it, if it throws an error stating that the APK file can’t be installed. Then simply head over to Settings then tap on Security > and within that menu tap on Unknown Sources option to enable and the error will go away. Also, make sure you disable the unknown sources option after installing FMWhatsApp APK.

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