How to use multiple WhatsApp accounts in single device

Ever needed to utilize a solitary application with various accounts? Indeed, we feel you and keeping in mind that applications like Twitter, Gmail, Instagram and so on enable users to log in their different accounts and switch effortlessly, most different applications don’t. Being able to utilize numerous accounts particular matters with regards to informing applications like WhatsApp. A considerable measure of us utilizes a solitary account for our most loved texting and person to person communication applications. Be that as it may, there are some who have different online networking accounts and think that it is hard to run them on their Android smart phones. Applications like Twitter and Instagram enable you to arrange your own and work accounts and consistently switch between them. Be that as it may, it isn’t conceivable to enroll two distinctive WhatsApp on all smartphones.

The vast majority of us tend to utilize a different work and home portable number and we would love the capacity to isolate our WhatsApp accounts too. Additionally, a few people love utilizing distinctive accounts for their recreations. The uplifting news is, there’s an Android application named Parallel Space, which lets you log in to various accounts and utilize a solitary application in two emphases independently.

Parallel Space

Parallel Space is a standout amongst the most well-known applications on the Google Play Store, enabling you to rapidly flip between two records or systems in a single tap. Utilizing this application, you can login to numerous WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook and Envoy accounts among others.

The application is around 6MB in measure, what’s more online networking accounts, you can likewise have two diversion accounts, two Netflix, Amazon Prime Video records, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It likewise offers autonomous warnings from unique and cloned applications, in this way making things somewhat less demanding.


Well, gbwhatsapp is one of the best options when it comes to using dual whatsapp. You will get additional benefits with gbwhatsapp for Android. Well,  gbwhatsapp download process is simple. It comes with tons of extra features which you will not get in normal whatsapp. You can download gbwhatsapp for Android and install it without root.

App Cloner

Not at all like different applications, has Application Cloner given you a chance to utilize not only two, but rather various records. These records work parallel with unique ones, and protects your information, even after the first application is refreshed. The application enables you to add watchword security to cloned applications, handicap auto-begin, and furthermore clear store on exit. Furthermore, the application likewise gives you a chance to change the name and shade of the cloned applications.

On the off chance that there is one blemish however, it would be the absence of help for texting applications. Along these lines, while the application enables you to have numerous Facebook, Skype and Twitter accounts, it doesn’t give you a chance to have two Facebook Detachment, WhatsApp or Viber accounts.

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CM AppClone

Much the same as different applications, the CM AppClone additionally gives you a chance to include numerous long range interpersonal communication and informing accounts. One of the features of the application is that it enables you to rapidly change between accounts from the warning bar. It makes isolate storage room for each record or cloned application, hence keeping any contention between applications.

How to use Parallel Space to run multiple WhatsApp Messenger App

Step: 1. Right off the bat, introduce the Parallel Space application from the Play Store. After you’ve introduced the application, open it and you’ll be given cool slides telling you about the helpfulness of the application. Tap on “Begin”.

Step: 2. you will then observe the “Clone applications” page in the application open up, where you can pick the application you need to run or clone in Parallel Space. All the applications that you have on your gadget are bolstered. For example, select WhatsApp. You will then observe that WhatsApp has been added to the landing page of Parallel Space alongside a message saying “Tap to open WhatsApp and sign in your second record”.

Step: 3. At that point, open the application and you ought to have the capacity to sign into a moment WhatsApp account easily. You would then be able to include more applications effortlessly and run numerous records on any application or amusement.

Parallel Space not just gives you a chance to run various cycles of an application yet additionally brings isolate warnings of the cloned applications. Alongside application notices, the application likewise brings notices from Play Administrations and Play Store. There’s additionally an alternative to square notices from applications or simply place them into a “Don’t aggravate” mode.

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