WallPixel – The Best Wallpaper App for Android ?

WallPixelBest Wallpaper App for Android by Hackdrip is live! In this article, we are going to show our best app till now! You can call it the best Platform to publish wallpapers, which makes it stand among the Best HD wallpapers apps for Android!

This app is uniquely awesome in its ways and feature, not forget to mention the wallpapers available in the app are not only well chosen by the team, but also the quality of the wallpapers is mind-blowing. No wallpapers will be cropped or optimized for reducing size! HELL YEAH! Full resolution wallpapers on Android! Right after our Wallify app, we launched WallPixel after developing a lot of features which a user would like!

Let’s discuss more!

WallPixel – 4K HD Wallpapers for Android #Features

It’s less than a month since we have launched this app, right now we serve 15+ categories, they are listed below!

  • AndroHolic 4K HD Wallpapers for Android.
  • Abstract 4K HD Wallpapers for Android.
  • Amoled 4K HD Wallpapers for Android.
  • Animes 4K HD Wallpapers for Android.
  • Bikes 4K HD Wallpapers for Android.
  • Cars 4K HD Wallpapers for Android.
  • Dope shit 4K HD Wallpapers for Android.
  • Flowers 4K HD Wallpapers for Android.
  • Girls 4K HD Wallpapers for Android.
  • Nature 4K HD Wallpapers for Android.
  • Quotes 4K HD Wallpapers for Android.
  • Superheroes 4K HD Wallpapers for Android.
  • Sports 4K HD Wallpapers for Android.
  • Vectors 4K HD Wallpapers for Android.
  • GreyScale 4K HD Wallpapers for Android.

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The Best UI you can see on any WallPaper app for Android

It allows you to browse, search and upload your own wallpaper without any hassle. The app has a separate department for all categories including latest wallpapers, popular ones, follows, wallpaper categories, favorites, and profile management. On the top right, you can see the hamburger which opens the sidebar and on the right, there’s a search icon by which you can look for your interest wallpapers by any keywords also on the most right, you get to see the pro button, trust me, is worth clicking to get exclusive wallpapers.

Everything about WallPixel in a Nutshell

Not Just a Wallpaper app! It is a community!

Yes! Users can interact with each other. You can like, comment and rate other users, you can even follow them! It is a really fast-growing community.

WallPixel – The Best Wallpaper App for Android

Just hit the button below, you’ll be redirected to Google Play Store, and you can download our app from there.

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Final Words

So, this was all about the Best Wallpaper App for Android, you can download HD wallpapers for android easily, and upload your own wallpapers too! Drop us a comment about new features you want to see in our app! We would love to update it! Stay tuned for more.


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