Why not use a Free hosting and always go with Paid Hosting

Why not use a Free hosting and always go with Paid Hosting

Just like there are two types of people in this world, there are two types of blog hosting too: Free and Paid. You may have come across these terms, if you have been thinking about starting a blog and been researching about it for a while now. However, simply knowing what a free hosted blog and what a paid hosted blog means is not enough to make a decision on which one to pick. Especially, when you are considering blogging to achieve something substantial like fame, money or growing your business, you must approach the question from all angles and do your homework thoroughly before coming to a conclusion.

So, let’s have a look at what is the difference between a free and a paid hosted blog and which one should you choose and why?

  • Which hosting bloggers have to choose?

The first step in choosing a blog host is that you need to decide that for what purpose you are willing to host a blog. Like, if you are creating a personal blog for self-use or to keep a touch with friends and family, then free blog hosting service would be sufficient. Services provided by WordPress.com and Blogger offer easy-to-use interface for common people having limited technical skills. For bloggers who are looking for a source of supplemental income, it would be best to invest in paid blog hosting services. With paid account you get access to greater options for customizing your blog whereas with free account you don’t get much privilege to alter your blog.

  • Why not use a free hosting service?

Your website is the face of your business or brand. Free blog hosting services will surely make up the cost for providing the service by spamming with pop-ups and ads. With free hosting you are restricted by the storage and memory that is accessible. If your website crashes unexpectantly then you are on your own responsible for the crash and not the hosting website. What’s the point in setting up a fantastic website, if it goes unseen? Yes, most browsers doesn’t particularly like free blog hosting services and will surely rank you lower as compared to that of paid ones.

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  • Final Verdict

Since sharing is caring, take a look at the reviews that customers have shared. This may help you to get a more clear idea about the hosting.

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